#FlashMobWrites 1×01 Winners

Wow! We’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped make our first week so much fun!

Thank you to the people who tweeted and otherwise spread the word, to the people who bolstered our new endeavor with enthusiastic support, and to the ten writers who took up the challenge.

The writers in order of appearance:

  1. Charles W. Short | @charleswshort
  2. Mobius | @mishmhem
  3. Mark Ethridge | @lurchmunster
  4. Vagrant Rhodia | @blurosemd
  5. Rebecca Campbell | @beccajcampbell
  6. Siobhan Muir | @siobhanmuir
  7. Aigihtball | @aightball
  8. Eric Martell | @drmagoo
  9. Toe | @brazenbaretoe
  10. Grady | @grady_rexford



Soldier (Honorable Mention) Eric Martell / @drmagoo

Gods, this story depressed me. But tackling both prompts and incorporating them well into this weeper wins my approval.


Underboss (2nd place) Toe

I seriously expected divorce papers and the tragedy of timing. He’s ready to work things out and she’s ready to walk out. The couples’ cruise twist totally got me. Well done!


Boss (1st place) Siobhan Muir / @SiobhanMuir

This snippet is well-written and I found myself drawn completely into the moment. The energy moves from nervous to hot and bothered and I love Aidan’s poetic uncertainty at the end.


Siobhan’s Untitled Entry

The kettle whistled and Aiden pulled it off the stove just as the water upstairs shut off. Part of him wished he had some rum or brandy to add to the tea to ease the coming conversation, but he shook his head as he found a spicy tea bag and dropped it in a mug. He wasn’t sure he could get drunk enough. To deal with it in such a fashion only confirmed Moira’s assertion of his cowardice and he’d given up such drinking anyway.

Pouring a second cup of tea, he took a deep breath and girded his loins for the metaphorical crotch kick he was likely to get when he talked to his hostess again. At least he had the courage to talk to her again. Can’t call me a coward for that. He took his time, careful not to spill the full mugs as he mounted the stairs. The scents of hot water and a fruity shampoo hit his nose as he reached the land and he paused to savor them.

Or to still his galloping heart as he faced the firing squad. Goddess, let her be willing to be soothed.

“Moira?” He shouldered the bedroom door open. “Would you like some tea? I wanted to—”

His words stuck in his throat as his breath reversed direction. Moira stood with her back to him in nothing but a towel. And the towel only covered her front from breasts to thighs. Her back remained gloriously exposed in lovely, smooth curves. A small watercolor tattoo in the shape of a dripping heart decorated the skin on her spine between her shoulder blades.

Aiden damn near swallowed his tongue and all the blood in his body headed south to stiffen his cock. She’d been lovely as a sixteen year old girl, but her body had filled out into this magnificent woman, and he was struck dumb. Want. Mine. Need. The staccato thoughts punctuated a flex of his dick.

Moira looked over her shoulder at him without a trace of embarrassment. “Something you wanted, Aiden?”

“Uh-huh.” Damn, what was wrong with him? No one had ever done this to him before.

She turned and set the towel aside before walking to him for the mug he held. “Tea? Thanks. Smells good. What did you want?”

He’d lost all his cool. She stood before him “sky-clad” like an ancient priestess and sipped her tea, waiting for him with raised eyebrows. “Uh…”

“What?” She sipped her tea and tilted her head. “I thought a man with your ‘needs’ would’ve seen a woman naked before.”

Oh, he’d seen naked women, just not his heart’s desire. Not this woman. And the others hadn’t compared to this golden skinned goddess. Mine. He tried to rein in his baser, dominant side before it pushed her farther away. That’s not her kink. Ease back, jackass.

“Your beauty is beyond compare.” He had no idea where the poetic words came from, but he meant every one of them.



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