#FlashMobWrites 1×02

Welcome to #FlashMobWrites Week Two

Come one, come all! This is an open flash fiction challenge with a musical inspiration, hosted by authors Cara Michaels (formerly of #MenageMonday, #WIPflash, and #RaceTheDate) and Ruth Long (of the wicked fun #LoveBites and #DirtyGoggles challenges).

Mob Rules

  • The challenge begins: Fridays @ Noon EST (Eastern)
  • And ends: Saturday @ Midnight PST (Pacific)
  • Word count: 300-500 (no less, no more)
  • We love you and wish to heap praises (and random prizes) on you, so be sure to include your name (no, it doesn’t have to be your real name) and a way for us to get in touch (Twitter handles are encouraged)
  • A prompt choiceis offered by each judge.
    • The prompt may be split, but no order change or dropping words.*
    • Words may be added before or after, not in the middle.*

The Inspiration

For your musical enjoyment only. You do not need to reference the video in any way for your story.

CAUTION: This video features a lot of skin.

The Prompts

Cara Michaels: “strapped down to something”

Ruth Long: “secretly I think you knew”

Now pick your prompt and post your story in the comments below!


*What does this mean? Well… here are examples using our prompts:

  • YES: Secretly, I think you knew all along about the plan to kidnap Mrs. Dinkle.
  • YES: In public, I loved teasing you secretly. I think you knew, and enjoyed the torture.
  • NO: Better get strapped down and hold onto something.

12 thoughts on “#FlashMobWrites 1×02

  1. Establishing the Rules

    “You don’t want anything you might say by mistake, because I’ll abide by your statement and will stop all play.” Aislynn cupped Chayse’s shoulders with her hands as she leaned against his back. “I’ve heard your brother say ‘chewed bones’, and I don’t want to be confused.”

    He inhaled a calming breath as he nestled into her chest. Her warm breasts pressed on his shoulder blades and his cock hardened with arousal.

    “I—I don’t know what to use, then.” He gritted his teeth against the uncertainty and wobble in his voice.

    “Easy, now. Let’s find something easy to remember, yet uncommon in your daily speech.” She ran her hand over his head, calming him more. “What’s something you find easy to remember, but don’t say often?”

    He closed his eyes and settled into her ministrations as his mind roamed words, flipping through them like pages in the dictionary. “Bandicoot.”

    “What?” Aislynn’s hand paused.

    “Bandicoot is my safeword.”

    She snorted softly behind him and he reveled in the tickle of her breath. “You’ll remember that?”

    “Yeah. It was something we’d yell when we discovered each other while playing hide-n-seek as kids.” He chuckled at the memory of playing with his brothers Theo, Nik, and Jayson. “We’d seen this show on TV about Australia and how they had these little critters called bandicoots. We thought it was the funniest word, and it stuck.” He shrugged. “Bandicoot.”

    “Very good. Bandicoot. I’ll remember that, and the story that goes with it.”

    Chayse nodded and some of his nervousness returned. “Uh, so what happens now? Am I going to be strapped down to something, or chained, or tied up in some other way?” He swallowed hard and his heartbeat ramped up.

    “Peace, Chayse. We haven’t gone over all the rules yet.” She continued to run her hands over his head, her breathing steady. “We’re agreeing to a private D/s relationship, where it’s only when we’re in our own playspace, rather than in public. Is that right?”

    He inhaled deeply, her scent filling his nose with heaven and his mind settled down. “Yes.”

    “And when you respond to me while we’re playing, you’ll refer to me as Luna, correct?”

    Chayse nodded. “Yes.”

    “While we are playing, you will trust I know what you need and how far to push you. If I ever hit a hard limit or something that is beyond you at the moment, you will safeword out of play and we will stop. After I release you, we will talk and find out what triggered you. Do you understand?”

    “Yes.” Chayse relaxed completely against Aislynn’s chest, his eyes closed and his fear fading fast. “Yes, Luna.”

    444 #WIP500 words

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  2. The hands that had pounded the wall with rage until they’d bled were gentle when they touched her. She touched him in ways he didn’t understand. He wanted to take her, own her, but she drew him down, held him close, sighed when he sighed. They would comfort each other now.

    Her lips met his in the sweetest of matings. Her hands stroked his back, along the hard ridge of muscle as his body fit hers.

    She loved the weight of him, the hard lines, the scent and the taste of him. When his lips nipped her throat, she angled her head to give them both more. There was tenderness in her kisses, in his slow, sliding caresses.

    He trailed lazy kisses down her flesh, traced fingertips over subtle curves, lingering when she trembled or sighed, watching as pleasure bloomed on her face.

    “Sweet Sam.” His lips found hers again, rubbed gently. “So beautiful.”

    “I’m not beautiful.”

    She felt his lips curve against hers. “This isn’t the time to argue.” His hand closed lightly over her breast, and he watched. “Small and firm here.” He flicked a thumb over her nipple, heard her breath catch. “Those eyes of yours, like the ocean. How can they see everything but what I see when I look at you?”

    He lowered his head to taste her mouth. “Soft. Irresistible. Stubborn.” He skimmed his tongue over the hollow under her chin. “I love this spot,” he whispered.

    “My Samantha, so perfect.” He ran his hand down the length of her. And when he cupped her, she was already wet. “Go up, baby. Go over.”

    She did, helpless under his hands, with a breathy moan that signal led both pleasure and surrender.

    He made her feel beautiful. Made her feel real. Whole. She reached for him, rolling with him in a dance sensual and timeless. She touched and tasted and gave as he did. Lost herself as he did.

    When she rose to him, when he slid inside her, her vision blurred with tears.

    “Don’t.” He pressed his cheek to hers. “Ah, don’t.” Her tears would undo him.

    “No.” She framed his face, let the tears come. “This is right. Perfect. Can’t you see?” She lifted to him again. “Can’t you feel?” She smiled even as the tears sparkled on her cheeks. “You make me beautiful.”

    She held his face in her hands as they moved together, took that hot climb to the peak. When she felt him quiver, saw his eyes go to burnt honey, she knew his feelings, if secretly.

    “I think you knew.” His words whispered at the edge of her hearing.

    After, as they lay quiet, wrapped in each other, he waited for her to go limp, to slide away from consciousness, so he knew she slept. When she did, he brushed a kiss over her hair. “I love you.”

    He didn’t see the curve of her lips. Yes, she knew.
    491 words

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  3. I stare wistfully out at the lush green fields darkened by grey rain clouds. It had been three days now and Tim had not returned. Suzi had no idea and had not even guessed what was happening. I sigh as I trace water droplets along the window pane and imagine little scenarios to dispel my utter boredom.

    “Trina, where are you?”

    I sink back behind the curtain and try not to move for I am not this bored and Mum and Dad had no right to hide the facts from Suzi. I am so disappointed I certainly do not want to complete the chores for them!

    “Trina, come here at once, you really have to stop this sulking its not becoming” Mum says as she sweeps the curtains aside. Honestly how does she do it!

    “okay Mum, I hear you but I am not happy. Suzi should know the truth if she is to be part of the family!”

    “oh she will but after they are married”

    “WHAT! that’s horrible you know the law forbades marriages to end!”

    ”Secretly, I think you knew. Although this tantrum isn’t for Suzi and Tim’s sake but for your own future prospects isn’t it!”


    I sweep up as befits the the hard working daughter of our clan. I know Mum is right and the clan must grow safely but honestly sometimes things could go to far. It is then I decided that this is not going happen to me and after the wedding I will go off to make my own fortune. If only Tim could still communicate with me the way we did as children. I have tried every day to reach him but all I get is a childhood image I remember of him. Its almost as if growing up has changed all his skills and removed him further from me, a mere child.

    I finish my chores for the day and prepare a picnic to entertain Suzi while she drifts dreamily as she awaits Tim’s return. She is in a daze most days and love seems more mysterious each time I encourage her to step outside for our daily exercise. Soon she won’t need encouragement and I can run with the wind through my fur and tail that will not need to be hidden. Oh how I long for those days to come.

    Suzi is sat staring at me strangely. I lay back and stare at the clouds floating past when she surprises me.

    ” Trina, where is Tim? Has he left me?”

    “No but it is customary for a groom to not see his prospective bride for a time before the wedding. It sounds daft but it gives them both time to think he will be here tomorrow on time you’ll see”

    ” good, I am a little nervous myself ”

    I look up at Suzi and realise she had drifted into a trance again. The family’s safekeeping potion works well!

    (WIP 489 words)
    twitter : @lindorfan

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  4. Exposed

    Twilight creeps over the garden, its shadows wrapping around the tombstones and peeking through the leaves. Hoot owls swoop and call. Night-blooming jasmine unfurls its scent.

    Beautiful night for a first date flying under the radar as an assigned ‘history project.’ Except for the part where his partner teasingly closes the reproduction shackles around his ankles and wrists.

    He isn’t too worried until a short sharp howl echoes in the clearing beyond the historic mausoleum. “Come on, Honor. Jokes over. Unlock these things.”

    She fishes the key out of her pocket but only manages to get one cuff open before a wolfish shadow stalks across the opposite wall. Her hand trembles, she drops the key ring and it skids across the floor, away from them.

    The perfect makings for a horror scenario. Except for the part where the only thing that scares him more than facing down a rabid monster is explaining to his aunt why yet another pricey college semester is headed down the toilet.

    He keeps his voice calm and his words reassuring. “We’re going to be fine, Honor. But I can’t be much help if you leave me strapped down to -”

    “Something terrible is out there,” she whispers, voice wavering.

    He sighs. Like his mama always says, rules are a necessary evil but breaking one or two with good intentions isn’t the end of the world. Except for the part where the cute girl you’ve been hoping to get cozy with finds out you aren’t quite the nerd-on-a-scholarship she thinks you are.

    Another howl. Another shadow.

    There’s no time to let her down easy. One moment he’s chained to the pillar and the next, the empty cuffs clank against the concrete.

    She hugs her knees to her chest. “Lazlo?”

    “Right here, babydoll,” he says, behind her. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

    She blinks, looking for him but she’s alone in the gathering fog. A motion in the far corner catches her eye and she can’t stifle her scream.

    But as the creature lumbers towards her, the fog coalesces into a body, into Lazlo.

    Keeping himself between the girl and the creature, he lunges, driving his fist through the wolf’s ribs and ripping out its heart. The lifeless animal drops to the floor and disintegrates.

    He wipes the blood on his sweatshirt and reaches for her hand. “So, I guess you’re going to want a new lab partner.”

    She comes to her feet but surprisingly keeps hold of his hand. “You’re not the son of a valet. You’re the son of Valetti, aren’t you? You’re one of the hybrid vampires.”

    He nods. Like his father always says, secrets are a necessary evil but sharing one or two with the right person isn’t the end of the world … although it will likely turn the world as you know it upside down and rarely in the way you expect.

    Her torrent of expletives and exclamations is exactly what he expected. Except for the part where she kisses him.

    – – – – –

    498 ineligible words / @bullishink

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  5. Time

    My mouth curls upwards, unconsciously. Excitement pounds within my heart and my legs wobble, just for a moment.

    “Are you coming?” he calls, turning back. His eyes pierce me; they’re green, as green as a peridot gemstone, and just as glistening.

    Again, for a moment, I can’t speak. I just stand and gaze. He grins back, a boyish smile in a face that defies years, but speaks of youth and adventure. My heart slams against my ribs.

    “Yes,” I whisper, as he fidgets and sweeps a hand through his auburn hair. The light, flashing behind him lights up his silhouette giving him a halo. I giggle. “Yes, I’m coming!”

    I pull my wibbly legs together and set off after him, at a run to keep up. His stride lengthens and my heart leaps as my feet thump the pavement.

    His coat flows like a cape, like a long gothic cloak, and for another moment, I imagine a deerstalker on his head, but no, this is not Sherlock…and I am not Watson.

    His boots, buckled and studded, rap on the ground and I catch up. He turns to me again, not missing a step as I stumble beneath his gaze.

    “You’re good with this?” he asks, that twinkle seeping into my very soul.

    I nod. “Oh, yes, I’m good with this!” I reply.

    Pale freckles, saturated by lamplight, dance upon his cheeks, across his nose, and I can barely restrain myself from reaching up and pushing his red hair out of his eyes. He shakes his hair away from his face.

    “So,” he pauses, literally, and I almost run into him. “When did you know?”

    “Kn-know what?” I stammer.

    “When did you know you were coming with me?” His eyes search mine and I lower my face, staring at my shoes. His hand immediately lifts my chin and I cannot help but stare into those eyes. If I didn’t know already, then this would be the moment! I cannot speak, my tongue is lost, and my heart threatens to explode from my chest.

    “Secretly, I think you knew when we had lunch, that first day…” he grins.

    And he’s right. My mind scrolls back, to the day we’d run, so much running, but we’d stopped to eat, finally famished.

    I nod. “The fish fingers and custard did it for me!” I smile.

    He cocks his head and stares deeply into my eyes then let’s go of my face and chuckles. “Yep, that’s often the moment!” Then he’s gone, again, striding ahead.

    “Doctor!” I call, “Wait for me…”

    My heart is yet again in my mouth as I round the corner and there he is, leaning against the doorway of the blue box, pooled in white light and promises of adventure…

    (459 words)

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  6. Once Lucy finished her half of the wiring and made for the charging dock to get topped off for her date with Twitch, I made a last, thorough sweep through Vlad’s cores to make sure I didn’t leave any unintentional surprises. I connected each of the leads and tightened each retention clip and bolt precisely to spec, and even used the nicest buffing cloth to make sure Lucy’s anodizing job was going to meet with the tight scrutiny I expected of Erzebet. Satisfied that I was ready to bring Vlad back to the land of the lurking, I jacked an inexpensive display tablet into the boot port under his left arm.

    Coming back from a hard boot was never a good time, so I made sure he was strapped down to something and wouldn’t fall over before his gyros kicked in, then triggered his power-on sequence.

    Jacquard-Lau BIOS version
    Model System: 6
    Model Series: 6
    Serial #: 05
    Chassis Denomination: Vladivostok
    Boot Check …. OK

    I noticed he was still running revision 34A, while I had a personally-tweaked revision of 351, and set a flag on his data to check the release notes for it. As serial number 06 of a baker’s dozen for our entire production, nobody had ever called me by my chassis denomination when they bothered to use my full name, so it might as well be “Devil Jack” anyway. As the ancient marketing slogan ran, “Virginia is for lovers,” and I very much was not.
    His eyes snapped alight as I disconnected the tablet. “Fuck you, Jack.”
    “Well, your memory core is obviously back online. You had a rough night.” I’d made sure he’d have access to some of the proceedings as a memory anchor, and he could get at all of them if he dedicated some processing time to chewing through the shadow code, but there were blocks of data that were not going to be open to him without encryption keys he’d discover I held if he decided to retaliate or needed to ask me for a favor.
    Robots don’t celebrate human holidays – even the artificial ones on the station, with the exception of Incorporation Day – but we do enjoy our Easter eggs.

    374 words

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  7. Holding my husband’s hand I sigh. For a week he’s lied unresponsive in ICU. Heroin overdose, the doctor says. He’s survived heroin overdoses before, but every time is different. The doctor says his drug profile was more colorful than last time. If he survives, he might have brain damage. He’s already had a minor stroke in the last forty-eight hours.

    “Any change?”

    I raise my bleary eyes to the doorway where my mother stands, a steaming cup of coffee in her hand. I shake my head, eyes threatening to close. Sleep has eluded me for days. Mom hands me the coffee and my trembling hands bring it to my mouth. The bitter aroma filters through my nose and I smile. Nightshift coffee is some of the strongest coffee in the world; it’s how the nurses stay awake until dawn.

    “You need to come home. If there’s a change, someone will call.”

    I shake my head. “No, I have to stay here. He might wake up. It’s our fifth wedding anniversary today. I have to be here.”

    I hadn’t intended to spend my anniversary in ICU, but life’s cruel that way sometimes. Mom sighs, rubbing a hand over her face. She’s spent every night here with me since he was brought in. This time, they found him in North Omaha, one haven for bad behavior in the city. He has friends up there, is well known in the area. He’s such a talented paramedic and nurse when he’s sober. But on the streets, he’s known as the best LSD maker in a fifty-mile radius. People drive for hours to get his drugs.

    “Jimmy? Can you open your eyes?”

    He doesn’t. Even the activated charcoal ER used to pump his stomach didn’t rouse him. He hates activated charcoal. NARCAN was given in the ambulance and while it saved his life, it didn’t bring him out of the coma. I sigh.

    Mom tugs on my hand. “Jacoby, come on. You and I both need a break. Jimmy will be fine.”

    I pull my hand back and shake my head. “I want to be here when he wakes up. I’m mad as hell, but he deserves to have someone here. I can’t wring his neck until he wakes up.”

    Mom shakes her head. “Come on. You’re exhausted. And you have to return to work in a couple of days.”

    She does have a point. I stand, reluctant to leave him. I can go home tomorrow and sleep. I let go of Jimmy’s hand. I lean down and kiss his forehead, brushing his hair from his forehead.

    “I love you. I’ll come back in a few hours, okay? Once you’re awake and able, we’ll talk.”

    I kiss him one more time, then turn to leave. His left leg twitches and I turn around. He looks at me, one tear trailing down his right cheek. With my head low, I turn to follow mom out.

    489 words

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  8. Dina worked the crime scene. I had to stand at the door like a know-nothing because I knew too much. I knew the neighborhood, the house, and the victim.

    “What’s the name?”

    “Faith Jacobs,” I said. I shoved my hands in the hip pockets of my jeans.

    “Pretty face. Decent body. People might believe you’re all show and no substance, Mrs. Jacobs.” Dina crouched by the crumpled body. “Is that true?”

    I’d listened to her work a dozen homicide scenes in the same manner, but it bothered me now. She was cool. Detached. Professional. I needed to get to the same headspace and I couldn’t. In Faith’s dead eyes, I could only see a friend gone forever.

    “No sign of a struggle. No defensive wounds or bruising.” Dina pointed to Faith’s manicured nails, the half-inch wide band of diamond crusted white gold or maybe platinum circling her ring finger. She turned the woman’s limp hand palm up. “You’re sporting designer labels and a ring my annual salary couldn’t buy, but your palms are callused. You’re no stranger to heavy lifting. Why didn’t you defend yourself? There’s more to your story. So much more than trophy wife.”

    “She wasn’t a trophy wife, she was a trophy daughter.” Life wouldn’t let her be more. And now Death had stolen away all the might-have-beens. “But she preferred flip flops and sundresses. Secretly, I think.”

    “You knew her wife.”

    “My landlord, yeah. Elise Jacobs.”

    “Landlord, jeez. This is way too close to you for comfort.” Dina’s sharp blue gaze locked on me. “Was Elise a control freak?”

    “No, not all. They were good together. Happy.”

    “So just the family kept her all bottled up?”

    “To say they disapproved would be an understatement.”

    “Did they disapprove enough to kill her?” Dina swept her hand through her pale hair.

    “It’s a possibility.”

    “Isn’t it always?”

    “This is more than disapproval, Dina.”

    “Yeah, I know. If I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t say anything on Earth could do this to a body. This scene is pristine. And she is—anything but.” She stood, wincing as her knees cracked. “Shit, this was easier before forty.”

    Whether she meant standing, investigating, or life in general, the sentiment applied.

    375 WIP words

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  10. All I want’s a thread. A single thread. Of life. Of hope. That’s all. A thread to keep me alive. But, there aren’t any around. No one’s there. I’m alone. Since she left. Until I can find someone else. Anyone else.

    So alone.

    So empty.

    Rosy left a couple of weeks ago. I still hear what she said, still hear our last words to each other. We sat at our table in LuLu’s, our favorite place to eat. She’d had her favorite, the pulled pork pizza for one. I don’t remember what I had. Then, I never cared what I had. We talked like always. How was work. It sucked. I always lied, never told her how I felt. Never told her I didn’t care about work. About what I did, who I worked with. Nothing there mattered. I worked ‘cause I had to. Doesn’t everyone?

    After we’d eaten, we sat at the table, and she said, “Let’s talk.”

    I loved listening to her talk, so I nodded, and smiled, and got all excited about talking with her. But then, she didn’t talk about anything good. “Tell me what you feel.”


    “Tell me what you feel.”

    “What I feel? About what?”

    “Are you happy? Sad? What? How do you feel?”

    “You’re here. I’m good.”

    “And when I’m not here?”

    Have you ever taken one step too close to the edge? Or climbed something you shouldn’t have? You know that feeling of pending disaster? Where you try to touch anything with your toes, and there’s nothing there?

    “Well? How do you feel when I’m not here?”

    “What am I supposed to feel?”

    “How you feel.” Her frown scared me, I didn’t know what I’d done. “Don’t you know how you feel?”

    I knew from her facial expression, she wanted an answer. An honest answer, and I knew what that meant, what that always meant. I couldn’t smile any more. “Empty.”

    Rosy didn’t say anything, she didn’t have to.

    I tried to breathe. “Secretly, I think you knew, didn’t you.” I was a statement, a declaration, me saying, “I know, this is where everything ends.”

    Rosy nodded. “How? Why?” She didn’t look sad, or upset. She looked disappointed. “Is there anything to you?”

    “No.” I couldn’t lie to her. Hell, I’d tried lying. It never worked. It just made everyone angry. “No.”

    Empty, I’d told her. I didn’t feel anything. She’d left me sitting at the table. Her side of the table empty, like me. I paid, of course. I wandered home, eventually.

    Now? Now I wait. Through endless empty time. For someone to offer me a thread of life. Just a thread. That’s all I want. Is that so much to want? Is it?

    454 Words

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