#FlashMobWrites 1×04 Winners

 The prompts were tough this week but you guys turned out some really great stories!

The Writers

  • @SiobhanMuir
  • @genreaspired
  • @LurchMunster
  • @davejamesashton
  • @Aightball
  • Charley
  • Mark Morris
  • @blurosemd
  • @mishmhem
  • @callthewriter


The Results


Soldier (Honorable Mention)| @davejamesashton

Cara Says: This second chance surfer story just hit all the right sweet notes, as this character finds a new lease on life.

Ruth Says: There is such an easy good-natured vibe in this piece. I was rooting for Vern the whole way through and adored Gavin for being so supportive.


Underboss (2nd place) | @mishmhem

Cara Says: Holy cow, this was a tough call. The solid character interaction and writing almost put this tale on top this week. I laughed out loud at Evans’ c’est la vie acceptance of his role in the coming undercover operation. Nice job!

Ruth Says: I love a good detective story and the twist of the ‘cool’ guys really just being enthusiastic about the job and bringing in the ‘not-so-cool’ guy was fun to see.


Boss (1st place) | @callthewriter

Cara Says:Ultimately, this story won my top vote with superb world building and a fantastic take on the prompt. Without any names or places, I still found myself rooted in this alien/futuristic world. The premise left me wondering just who or what is collecting these people, and toward what end? Fantastic story!

Ruth Says: Terrific world building and story questions that left me wanting more. Would love to see the concept developed into something bigger.



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