#FlashMobWrites 1×05 Winners

What a great variety of stories you gave us this week. Thank you to everyone who turned out to read, write, and comment!. 🙂

The Writers

  • @SiobhanMuir
  • @genreaspired
  • @SilverJames_
  • @callthewriter
  • @davejamesashton
  • @Aightball
  • @beccajcampbell
  • @alexbrightsmith
  • @solimond

The Winners


Soldier | Dave James Ashton | @davejamesashton

Cara Says: Loved this witty commentary on Heaven’s hierarchy and workings… especially the hover tanks.

Ruth Says: I enjoyed this riff on heavenly entities and read it through a handful of times for the joy of it.


Underboss | Siobhan Muir | @SiobhanMuir

Cara Says: Wowza. Good characterization and imagery make this piece. This super sexy snippet definitely got me in the mood for more. Story, that is.

Ruth Says: Smart sexy writing that made me forget about prompts and word counts!


Boss | Alicia VanNoy Call | @callthewriter

Cara Says: This story is 100% dialogue; not an easy feat to pull off, and definitely not the easiest way to build a fleshed out concept. As the reader in the know, I wanted to yell at the woman, “Don’t you see??” I loved the way this came together, with the idea that she will go on with her life and maybe never realize what happened that night.

Ruth Says: Love the way this story is told via dialogue only. It had my mind racing to fill in subtext and emotions and endless possibilities. I actually breathed a sigh of relief the end because I wasn’t sure how things were going to turn out!


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