#FlashMobWrites 1×06 Winners

What an awesome mix of regulars (I can call you that now, right?!) and new faces. And oh my goodness did you give us some fantastic stories this week. I know. I say that in one form or another every week. I can’t help it. I’m like some unkillable Happy Mother Hen! 🙂

The Writers

  • @TinaGlasneck
  • @SiobhanMuir
  • @davejamesashton
  • Mark Morris
  • @billmelaterplea
  • @Aightball
  • @callthewriter
  • @denise_callaway
  • @solimond

The Winners


Soldier | Mark Morris

Cara Says: Now I understand toddler behavior. Love the “unseen influences” over a daily struggle most any parent has experienced.

Ruth Says: As the grandmother of four, I giggled all the way through this one. Now I have the perfect excuse for being so ‘chill’ about their many shopping foibles! 🙂


Underboss | Tina Glasneck

Cara Says: An intriguing shift of perspective changes the Hansel and Gretel tale into one of childish greed and tragedy. The witch’s choice to retain her humanity, in spirit at least, is one not many would be strong enough to make.

Ruth Says: I love a good fractured fairytale and this one really caught me on the chin. I read it through a couple times, taking in the nuances. So well done!


Boss | Bill Engleson

Cara Says: His Girl Friday is one of my favorite movies, and this scene captures so much of the classic newsroom vibe. The details, both in character and place, set the mood for Harry Lemon’s posthumous farewell. I was drawn into the moment and, like Harry, wasn’t ready to leave when it ended.

Ruth Says: I’m the girl who writes obituaries, so this piece hit home. Nobody can do a journalist/writer justice in such few lines. And that last sentence in the third paragraph is a gem!.“And who in their right mind wants to hitch up with an ink slinger?”


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