#FlashMobWrites 1×14 Winners

What a fantastic turnout this week! Thanks to everyone who wrote, tweeted, and commented! You made our ‘judging’ job darn near impossible and we loved it!



  1. @CaseyCaseRose
  2. @SweetSheil
  3. @SilverJames_
  4. @billmelaterplea
  5. @Lizzie_Koch
  6. @EFOlsson
  7. @Aightball
  8. @AvLaidlaw
  9. @cynthiafbuck
  10. @emilyiswriting
  11. @solimond
  12. @mishmhem




Honorable Mentions | Soldiers | @cynthiafbuck and @EFOlsson


Cara Says: Watching a marriage crumble through clever, anthropomorphic POV of a wedding gift… what a crazy cool idea.

Ruth Says: I absolutely loved the unexpected POV. What an unexpected and fantastic twist! 🙂


Cara Says: This story spun my brain better than a tilt-a-whirl. Hitting the end, I could only wish for more to this twisty tale.

Ruth Says: I’m with Cara. I really wanted more of this story because I needed resolution – maybe even more than the protagonist! Great concept/story!  🙂


Second Place | Underboss | @silverjames_

Cara Says: Bringing the sexy this week, this snippet of Duke and Cory was hot! And at the same time, sweet and vulnerable and… yeah. I ❤ Corke!

Ruth Says: This was a tough read but that final line, the moment of hope, that came as the sweetest relief! And yeah, I’m totally shipping CORKE! 🙂


First Place | Boss | @CaseyCaseRose

Cara Says: First off, welcome to the #FlashMobWrites family, Casey! Second – what a crisp, elegant, and ultimately ominous story. The MC’s emotional disconnect from the history she remembers and the history she’s being told is at first so very sad. Then the end approaches with the scene-stealing hint that the MC does in fact remember this mystery fiancé… but maybe not the way everyone seems to believe she should. Love it!

Ruth Says: As the protagonist’s thoughts unfold, a sense of dread settled in my chest and the end kicked me in the head! I wasn’t ready for The End. I wanted more! I needed to know that she was going to be okay, that she was going to recover and get to the bottom of what looked and felt like a huge conspiracy! Fantastic story! 🙂


The Winning Story: UNTITLED by @CaseyCaseRose

To me it’s just a rumor, something friends tell me in hushed voices, leaning across kitchen tables. Or perhaps it is more like a fable, something that seems familiar, something that snags at the corners of the mind when you feel like you are failing to learn the lesson provided.

“He held your hand and stroked your hair for days on end,” says one voice.

“I saw him cry silent tears, afraid you wouldn’t come back,” said another.

It feels like it happened to someone else. A movie that everyone else but me has seen and they are eager to share the ending, eager for me to love it as much as they do.

Most of the people recounting my past for me are familiar. A sister from three states away. A college roommate whose face has changed in the years since we last lived together. People who know much of my history, most of which I actually remember sharing, but people who for one reason or another have not been a part of my life recently.

They return to my orbit because I have hurt. They arrived at the hospital to find me lost in a deep internal world, wide white gauze taut around my head, and a man at my bedside.

Shy introductions and too many questions finally reveal that he is my fiancé.


I stare at the ring on my finger unsure how it and when it nestled its way between my pinky and middle finger.

I try to fit the pieces back together, the pieces I have already that feel like fact. Memories that I clutch tight like heirlooms in a storm.

I have the new pieces, doled out by sister, friend, doctor…him.

Flashes of his face.

“See, you remember him.” Smiles. White teeth flash in the hopes of romance.

I finger the scar along my head and think I may remember.

But I am not certain he’s who he says he is.




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