#FlashMobWrites 1×30 Winners

Thanks for your patience this week. We’re stuck between producing end of quarter reports in real life and coordinating the launch of a Halloween flash fiction challenge in ink life. As always, many thanks to those who wrote, commented, and tweeted! 😉


  1. @billmelaterplea
  2. @SweetSheil
  3. @SiobhanMuir
  4. @TwiAddictAnne
  5. @AvLaidlaw
  6. @SilverJames_
  7. @jasonlefthand
  8. @PattyannMc
  9. @DavidALudwig
  10. @Aightball
  11. @LurchMunster



Soldier | @jasonlefthand

Cara Says: Spooky and just a tad gross. Mostly, I found myself wanting to know MORE.

Ruth Says: The use of prompt was flawless, the story engrossing, and like Cara says, I want MORE of it. So pleased to have you as part of our inky family! 😉


Underboss | @SilverJames_

Cara Says: You’ve got a pair of compelling characters here. Love the inherent strength and toughness in both, as well as their vulnerability.

Ruth Says: Oh, I am so impatient to have this book in my hands. More so know that I’ve had this glimpse and learned she does have freedom of choice.


Boss | @TwiAddictAnne

Cara Says: Love Ashley’s sparky and spunky attitude, almost as much as I love Daniel’s determination to break through her reserve.

Ruth Says: The gentleness of this piece is pitch perfect. Absolutely lovely.

The Winning Story – Untitled by @TwiAddictAnne

“Damn it, Rogers, this is one uncomfortable ride,” she groans as she shifts behind him.

Smiling to himself, Daniel moves his head to the side. The sight of her pouting lips makes his smile widen. “It’s all your fault, Ashley,” he says.

“It’s Ash,” she corrects him absentmindedly. “Why on earth would your uncomfortable as shit bike be my fault? It’s my ass that’s hurting from sitting on it.”

“You’re barely sitting on the seat. You can scoot closer to me,” he tries to reason with her.

She hesitates, and he lets out a soft sigh of frustration. It’s been months since he has been trying to break down this girl’s walls, begging to be let in, but she seems to keep building more and more walls around her heart.

“Come on, Ashley,” he says in a soft voice. “I won’t hurt you.” He sees her start to speak and shakes his head at her. “It’s Ash, I know. But I prefer Ashley.”

She’s silent for a moment before he feels her move. The moment her hands wrap around him from behind feels like a small victory to him.

“Don’t get too cocky, Rogers,” he hears her say in his ear as he hits the accelerator. He doesn’t respond to her. Letting out a chuckle loud enough for her to hear, he drives on.

She lets go of him just as he hits the brakes in the local library parking lot. “You didn’t get burned, did you?” he asks jokingly.

The look she gives him makes his smile slip. “You’re a pretty boy, Rogers,” she says quietly. “And when you touch pretty things, you get burned.” Her dark eyes look away from him as she starts to make her way toward the library.

Daniel’s heart aches for the beautiful girl walking ahead of him. He wants to look into her pain stricken eyes and take away the scars that they hide. He wishes he could mend her heart and fill her life with light to chase away the darkness that she hides behind. He wants nothing more than to kiss her and tell her that it’s okay to be herself … that he will love her just like she is.

“You coming?” she calls out to him when she’s halfway up the stairs.

He smiles. “Yeah.” Maybe one day she’ll believe him when he tells her that she can be just as she is and he’ll love her. Maybe one day she’ll smile for him. A guy can hope.


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