#FlashMobWrites 1×33 Winners

Wow. Yet again you took the prompts to places we never imagined! Fantastic set of stories. Thank you to everyone who write, commented, and tweeted.


  1. @billmelaterplea
  2. @West1Jess
  3. @jasonlefthand
  4. @SiobhanMuir
  5. @AvLaidlaw
  6. @laughingandy
  7. @katheryn_avila
  8. @SweetSheil
  9. @LurchMunster
  10. @BradyTheWriter
  11. @Aightball



Honorable Mention | Soldier | @jasonlefthand

Cara Says: When the narrator says he’s not sure where he falls on the scale of evildoers, you know you’re in for an interesting ride. The end “gentle” mugging is perfect.

Ruth Says: Such a strong sense of place here. It sets us up perfectly for the action to follow and comes back to haunt us in the final paragraph.


Second Place | Underboss | @AvLaidlaw

Cara Says: The overall voice to this tale really captured my interest. Revealing the narrator as a biblical cherubim, set to rain judgment down, is chilling and engrossing.

Ruth Says: I held my breath until that final paragraph. Love when a piece shatters my expectations!


Winner | Boss | @lurchmunster

Cara Says: There were so many possible ways this poem could turn by the end, and I was fascinated to see where you would take it. The obsessive way the narrator digs into the world of the object of his obsession—to purposely lead someone to fall in love just to walk away—is chilling.

Ruth Says: There was a raw aching power in this piece that cut uncomfortably close to home.

The Winning Story: Untitled by Mark Ethridge / @lurchmunster

I’m not an angel in disguise,
And the devil never made me do a thing,
Or told me what to say.
I’m just an angry, mortal man,
Made by our society’s hand,
And its ruthless,
Uncaring ways.

I’ll stalk the words others write,
The songs they sing,
The stories they tell,
The games the play.
And take each detail apart,
Analyze each word,
Each action,
Every note, motion, and way.
I’ll study each nuance of your ways,
Until I master the unique language
Only you speak.

The one you don’t even know is there.

Once I have that key to you,
Who you are,
How you think,
What you feel.
It won’t be long until I know what’s missing
In your world.

Then I’ll say the words I know
You want someone to say.
The words you’ve been waiting,
Someone would say.
Words to sweep you off your feet,
And carry you away.
Words you dream of in your sleep.

And you’ll let me in.

I’ll be your friend at first,
But gradually, with time, and effort,
Using what I’ve learned of you,
I’ll do the things you want me to.
And slowly, things will grow.

One day, you’ll start to talk to me.
Start to let me in.
I’ll become your confidant,
That someone whom you trust.
I won’t take advantage,
Or rush things along.
I have time.
I’ll wait for things to happen
On their own.

One day you’ll sit next to me,
As if you always had.
One day you will hold my hand,
And walk with me,
And talk with me,
So you won’t be alone.
I’ll learn the holidays that matter.
When your birthday is.
When to buy you a card,
Or flowers.
And step by step,
Day by day,
I’ll work my way into your world.
By being everything you want,
And everything you need.

I’ll be the one you dream of when you sleep.
The one you always wanted,
The one hold in his arms,
Where you feel safe from harm.

All it takes is patience on my part,
And you’ll let me in,
And give me everything I want.

Someday you might kiss me,
Then take me to your home.
I won’t have to ask,
You’ll guide me there
On your own.

Someday you might even
Take off all your clothes,
And pull me into bed with you.

And I’ll enjoy anything,
And everything,
You decide to do.

But if I ever hear you say
“I love you,” to me,
I’ll be gone with the rising sun.
And you’ll be on your own.

Isn’t that the way this life is?
Aren’t we meant to shred
The hearts and souls around us
Until every heart becomes
Colder than the coldest ice,
Harder than the hardest stone?

I’m not an angel in disguise,
And the devil never made me do a thing.
I’m just an angry, wounded soul
Whose heart died long ago.


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