#FlashMobWrites 1×37 Winners

We love it when you bring the crazy ink! Thanks to everyone who wrote, commented, and tweeted!


  1. @billmelaterplea
  2. @SilverJames_
  3. @SweetSheil
  4. @ssffs_project
  5. @jasonlefthand
  6. @drmagoo
  7. @TwiAddictAnne
  8. @Aightball
  9. @DennisMaley1
  10. @RevoBoulanger



Honorable Mention | Soldier | Revo Boulanger | @RevoBoulanger

Cara Says: The otherworldly vibe to this entry snagged my attention. Oh, how I want to know more about this mystical connection this pair finds in each other.

Ruth Says: There’s so much story here that I was totally sucked in. Definitely need to know more!


Second Place | Underboss | Dennis Maley | @DennisMaley1

Cara Says: I’m not sure if this is a tornado in conversational form… but as twisted and turned around as I felt at the end, I’m thinking this comes pretty close. The dizzying dialogue makes for a very fun read.

Ruth Says: Loved this slippery confrontation and evasion. Felt like we were in the courtroom during the trial of a hedge fund manager in the not too distant past!


Winner | Boss | Eric Martell | @drmagoo

Cara Says: This story played my heartstrings like a virtuoso. The gentleness and peace and love of this story weave together to pull a reader in, and builds to an emotional twist at the end. Maybe it’s because I’m a parent, and the job is one hell of an emotional rollercoaster, but… This. *happy sigh*

Ruth Says: Smiled and cried all the way through. Went back for more. Absolutely pitch perfect. Yes … THIS. 🙂

The Winning Story: Perchance To Dream by Eric Martell / @drmagoo

We’ll watch the sky fade to black, together here in your bed. The curtains billow in the breeze and you smile up at me, still talking about the day you had and the stories you told. It’s warm out tonight, but it won’t be for long – the days have started to grow shorter. You haven’t noticed yet, because time to you is ever-elastic. A minute an hour, a day a second.

I’m twice your height, but you take up more room in the bed than I do, you and the cars and the animals and the trains and the creations only you understand. They are filled with your love, and you cannot imagine a world without them, or a life that is not borne of magic and amazing things. I pick you up and scoot you over, holding your giggles to my chest, hoping they ring in my ears long after they have turned to gentle snores.

The day will come when I’ll no longer think ‘I’m gonna put you down,’ because you’ll grow beyond the need for such things. You’ll stay awake later than me, talking on devices that haven’t even been invented yet to your friends around the world, and I will not begrudge you that joy. As long as your world keeps growing and your heart with it, how can I deny you?

Moonlight shines through the curtains, creating patterns that twist left and right in the wind. I watch them create roadways into a dreamworld, and finally exhausted, you take one and make the transition from perpetual motion machine to your angelic peace. Downstairs, there are bills to pay and lessons to write, dishes to clean and conversations about the future to be had. I can feel their pull, and because I have promised many things to many people, I disengage from you, gently kissing your forehead and promising to be there in the morning. One day I’ll fail to keep that promise, but that is a worry beyond my control.



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