#FlashMobWrites 1×40 Winners

You guys make the weekend a reading dream! We enjoy curling up and reading through these stories, mulling over the nuances, grinning and giggling and generally making a happy ruckus! Thank you to everyone who wrote, commented, and tweeted. 🙂


  1. @SweetSheil
  2. @billmelaterplea
  3. @SiobhanMuir
  4. @jasonlefthand
  5. @SilverJames_
  6. @laughingandy
  7. @davejamesashton
  8. @Aightball
  9. @mishmhem



Honorable Mention | Soldier | Jason Lefthand | @jasonlefthand

Cara Says: Dude. What just happened here? So freaky weird and yet the love…

Ruth Says:  Again, beautiful and haunting! I never saw the end coming and it was utterly lovely.


Second Place | Underboss | Siobhan Muir | @SiobhanMuir

Cara Says: Your use of the prompt made me laugh, but the overall vibe of this snippet is just so sweet and romantic and… sigh.

Ruth Says: Oh man! What Cara said! 🙂 Sweet and funny and utterly lovely!


Winner | Boss | Laughing Andy | @laughingandy

Cara Says: What a weird and colorful (ha) tale. I love the idea of Taylor, the Supergirl figure, as far less than the golden girl in her bullying behavior. Alex’s quirky ability opens up plenty of doors for some future villainy, but I can’t say I blame her for—highlighting—Taylor’s character shortcomings.

Ruth Says: Ermagawd! I loved this story from the first sentence to the last. Smart, funny, and an end that left me grinning like lottery winner at the liquor store!

The Winning Story: PIGMENT by | Laughing Andy | @laughingandy

She walked towards her next class, alone in a packed hallway. No one noticed her. Long copper hair hung down her back. She wondered if she changed it’s colour, right here and now, if anyone would see her. Of the girls most were blonde, a sprinkling of brunettes. But none saw her.

One girl noticed her. But Alex didn’t want her to. She’d dropped ink on Alex’s favourite top, sprayed it over her. And dared her to say something. She knew even if she had said something the teacher would believe Taylor. Just an accident.

Taylor Roberts was the schools super hero. Taylor could fly, she could shoot beams form her eyes. She was a celebrity. Taylor could do anything. Especially if that meant being a bitch to others.

Nothing like being told you could shape the world to over inflate your ego.

Alex walked into the girls rest room and looked down at her top, it now had an angry black blotch in the middle of it. One that for most would never come out. Touching her finger to it the blotch started to move as if it were being sucked off into her finger. Once it was gone and her finger was black she lifted her arm. Looking at it she closed her eyes.

The ink started to swirl around her hand, then down into her arm. Swirling around it formed pictures. Opening her eyes Alex willed it to form flowers. Touching her hand to a red tap fixture that colour slipped up onto her arm too. Before slipping around to the flowers and turning them a deep red. Turning her arm a little she could see that she now had a red rose tattoo. Smiling softly she touched the fixture again and the red slipped back down to it.

The black moved down to her hand and onto her nails turning each one a silken black. Alex turned and walked out of the rest room and headed towards the sports hall. That was where Taylor was ninety percent of the time. That’s where the easily impressed jocks were. As she entered she could see them crowded around her. Showing off her flat belly. She could see her lower back tattoo, a swirling pattern with a dolphin in the centre.

Keeping her head down she walked straight towards them. She brushed Taylor, just enough to have a seconds contact with her skin.

“Watch it looser. Or I’ll burn you to a crisp,” she sneered as she jabbed a finger at Alex.

“Umm sorry Talor. Sorry..”

“Get lost,” she said. Her eyes started to flash, power building up in them.

Alex ran at that.

As she got out of the school she turned and grinned. She looked at her hand. The black gone from it now. She wondered how long it was going to take before someone noticed that Taylor’s trendy tattoo now had queen bitch written in beautiful italic letters instead of a dolphin.


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