#FlashMobWrites 1×49 Winners

So many twists and turns in this week’s submissions! Thank you to everyone who wrote, commented, and tweeted. 🙂


  1. @katheryn_avila
  2. @siobhanmuir
  3. @geofflepard
  4. @laughingandy
  5. @silverjames_
  6. @jasonlefthand
  7. @billmelaterplea
  8. @aightball
  9. @lizzie_koch
  10. @lurchmunster
  11. @bradythewriter



Honorable Mention | Soldier | Kat Avila | @kathryn_avila

Cara Says: I’m not super familiar with this story’s world, but there are enough teasers to intrigue and capture my curiosity.

Ruth Says: Gah! I want to know/read more about this world because WOW. Lots of stories about angels getting assignments but demons, outside of romantic setups, not so much.


Second Place | Underboss | Bill Engleson | @billmelaterplea

Cara Says: At last a witness! And one witness to his own father’s creeper tendencies, ick. I read this wondering if Quarry’s tough-guy play would backfire, but was thrilled to read otherwise.

Ruth Says: Such a joy to follow this serial and now, NOW we have a witness. I was so excited I actually shouted out loud in excitement when I read the final sentence!


Winner | Boss | Lizzie Koch | @Lizzie_Koch

Cara Says: A lot happens in this tale. It’s atmospheric, and what a mess the MC inadvertently creates. I’m not about to feel sorry for a cheater, but the ending’s explosive potential left me cursing the word count. This was about to burst into 50 shades of reality-tv, I just know it.

Ruth Says: Always enjoy a good curve-ball and this one was exceptional. Didn’t see it coming until it hit me between the eyes. And I’m with Cara. This cheater wriggled behind my defenses and into my curiosity. What happens next?! AUGH! 🙂


The Winning Story – Untitled by Lizzie Koch

Staying home instead of working the bar tonight for Tom is something I should have given serious consideration to. I know as soon as she walks in, she is going to cause me trouble. I know when she flirts with me, there is nothing innocent about it. What I should have done is what I usually do in these situations; flirt, serve the cocktails and make conversation. That’s it. And I do that. Sex on a beach and screaming orgasm are cocktails I have made a million times with pretty much the same conversation and howls of laughter like I haven’t heard it before. But the way the words fall in a soft caress from her perfectly glossed lips, the way her smoky almond eyes follow my every move like a cat stalking its prey, I know it is more than the drink she wants. And I am definitely interested.

She follows me outside when I have my break. Before I can speak, she flings her arms around my neck, presses her lips against mine. Of course, I respond, pushing her up against the wall, running my hand along her curves, feeling the warmth of her skin under the thin fabric. I ignore the wedding band. I ignore her reeking of alcohol, drowning instead in lust.

Glassy eyed, she straightens her dress and joins her friends. It isn’t long before I’m delivering another tray of cocktails. She blushes which is cute. Her friends tease her but they have no idea. Coerced into joining in for a photo, I sit next to her, a compulsion to touch her. She lays her hand on my thigh, instantly my body responds. Luckily the tray is on my lap, hiding my desire. Her friends cackle hysterically. She plays up to them, pouting her lips, thrusting out her breasts. I want her and she knows it.

I can’t wait for closing time. I don’t know nor do I care what she spins to her friends or her husband. My girlfriend hasn’t crossed my mind (but then, I’ve only been dating her for a few weeks) until she walks in just before closing. My mind races, trying to find an excuse lurking in my mind. There is one, I’m sure. There has to be. But my mind is blank as the woman and her friends are ready to leave.

“Hey, Mum,” my girlfriend says. “Mum, this is Daryl, the guy I’ve been telling you about and Daryl, this is Jane, my mum.”

A glass nearly slips from my hand as my girlfriend hugs her mum, the woman I just had sex with and plan to again within the next half an hour. Mum. She said ‘mum’. I see the color drain from Jane’s face. I see the sudden realization dawn on the faces of her friends. I feel sick. But not because of what I’ve done. But because I can’t stop thinking about Jane, the mother of my girlfriend.



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