A Series of Unfortunate Incidents

It is with heavy hearts we must announce the unexpected wrap of #FlashMobWrites.

Our careers and lives have taken unanticipated turns and rather than become unreliable hostesses, we choose to close this adventure with honesty and grace.

We’ll get winners posted for #FMW 50 this weekend.

It’s been an honor and joy to write alongside you.

Inky Hugs,

Team FMW



8 thoughts on “A Series of Unfortunate Incidents

  1. Well, I, for one, will miss your inspirational weekly prompts and the camaraderie I have felt. Many thanks Ruth and Cara for the work you have done. All the best. I will have to complete my unexpected novella, John Quarry, without your weekly input. I’ll manage but it won’t be the same. Take care, both of you, and again, thanks.

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  2. I have to say though that wrapping this up on April 1 is also unfortunate…but “time and tide wait for no one,” as Geoff Chaucer is reputed to have said.

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