Midweek Musings 1×11

Welcome back to Midweek Musing, our free-write session. This week, David Gilmour, of Pink Floyd fame, released a new single and it’s a lyric gold mine. We look forward to seeing who breaks open their locks and who snaps free of their sinful chains!

Guidelines follow the video and lyrics below.

“Rattle That Lock”

Whatever it takes to break
Gotta do it
From the burning lake or the eastern gate
You’ll get through it
Rattle that lock and lose those chains
Rattle that lock
Let’s go do it
Have it all our way
Go back to where we blew it
And lose our heads along the way
So long sin, au revoir chaos
If there’s a heaven, it can wait
Rattle that lock
Lose those chains
And all the other travellers
Become phantoms to our eyes
Furious are his revellers
Fallen angels in disguise
No discord, chance or rumour
Is going to enter of this place
So, let’s get to it
It’s calling like a flame
Through the darkness and the night
The world suspended on a golden chain
No discord, chance or rumour
Is going to enter of this place 

 The Guidelines:

  • This is a non-judged free write session.
  • Use the prompt anyway you’d like.
  • Post anytime between now and next Wednesday (1200 EDT).
  • Keep it under 1,000 words.
  • Leave encouraging comments for other participants.
  • Most of all, have FUN!

4 thoughts on “Midweek Musings 1×11

  1. The wind picked up, tossing the Atlantic tide into white-capped waves. Toward the horizon, the sky darkened to violets and grays. Lightning forked through the clouds.

    “We should go in,” I said.

    “Just another minute?” He patted the sand next to him. “Come sit with me.”

    Graham’s invitation held too much appeal for comfort. I dug my toes into the sand, holding my ground.

    “I’m good here.”

    His blue eyes narrowed and I couldn’t blame the sun. The first fat drops of rain splattered the ground. He stood and captured my hand, lacing our fingers. Wordlessly, we turned toward the house. We didn’t rush for shelter. The downpour held off long enough for us to reach the porch. I tugged my hand free and wiped my face with my t-shirt.

    “Does your heart ever rattle the lock on that cage you’ve trapped it in?”

    Cautious, I lowered my shirt. Rattle the lock? What kind of question was that?

    “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

    “You’re so chained up inside you don’t have a clue, do you?”

    “Don’t be smug.” Thunder rumbled, shaking the house, echoing my inner turmoil. “Say what you mean.”

    “I mean I care about you and it’s okay to acknowledge it. You don’t have to dance around my feelings or pretend you don’t have any.”

    “Now is not the time for a—relationship.”

    “You make it sound like a dirty word.”

    “If it makes you feel any better, now is not the time for a one-night stand or a quickie, either.”

    “For words of encouragement, those lack—encouragement.” He rubbed his hair, shaking water in every direction.

    Gods knew I could stand to lose my head for a bit. Doing so with a naked and willing Graham? Heat flooded my body from face to groin. Best not to think about sex.

    Graham’s fallen angel smile set off a dozen internal alarms. Oh hell, could he tell what I was thinking?

    “I’m hardly asking you to profess your undying love.”

    “Good.” That was good, wasn’t it? I didn’t want to pledge my troth or some such bullshit.

    “I can wait for that part.”

    “Jesus,” I muttered. His words dispelled all hot and heavy thoughts. “Confident much?”


    “I mean, how do you keep upright with that enormous ego weighing—” My words trailed into silence as my brain finally processed that one little word. “No?”

    “You think this is ego, Kelly?” Hard hands gripped my shoulders and pinned me to the wall. “This?” He loosed one hand and lifted it to my face. His fingers trembled. “This is a man desperate for some bit of hope. Light.” He raised his hands, tunneling beneath my wild hair. “Joy.”


    “The only place I see those things is in you,” he whispered. His head drooped, shielding his expression. “And it’s tearing me apart. I just want to see you as someone I like. Whom I respect. Not someone I also need.”

    “You don’t need me, English.”

    “You mean you don’t need me.” He leaned in, his lips pressed to the tender hollow beneath my ear. “You’re becoming my sun. My moon. The fucking air I breathe. Ridiculous, right? You think I don’t know how bloody inconvenient feelings are right now?” He shuddered as I curled my hands around his hips. “Just tell me how to get through this.”

    He let go and the world rushed back. The storm raged right on top of us, but I’d tuned it all out. He gave me focus. Clarity. Peace.


    “Maybe I do need you,” I said.

    “I need more than maybe,” he said softly.

    604 WIP words

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